Suffolk, City of


RFC has been providing financial consulting services for the City of Suffolk's (City) Department of Public Utilities (DPU) since 2003.

RFC’s engagement with DPU addresses financial, accounting, and pricing issues confronting the City that impact its water and wastewater systems.  The City provides retail water and wastewater service to approximately 21,000 accounts, as well as wholesale water to the Western Tidewater Water Authority (the Authority) in a region that has experienced unprecedented growth in the past ten years. 

The scope of services provided to the City includes an annual update of the ten-year comprehensive financial plan, determination of water and sewer costs of service, development of proposed water and sewer rates for the upcoming fiscal year, and an assessment of the City’s water and sewer system availability fees.  In addition, RFC also conducts an annual true up analysis for wholesale water service to the Authority. The true up analysis recalculates the water rates using actual cost and water usage data to determine the actual cost of service to the Authority during the prior year.