Dallas, City of


RFC has been engaged by the City of Dallas (City) to study and implement a stormwater rate structure change. The rate structure change represents a significant effort on the part of the City to assure the financial stability of its Storm Drainage Fund, recover costs more equitably from its ratepayers, and to do both in a transparent fashion. If implemented, the updated rate structure embodies a considerable change, not only for ratepayers receiving changed bills, but also for the City’s business processes for billing and account maintenance. In addition, we will conduct a stormwater cost of service and update the stormwater financial plan.

RFC will also provide significant updating to available impervious area data to evaluate the potential rate structure and to bill fees under the new rate structure.

We will be performing an account review and evaluating the impacts upon customers of a rate structure change. In addition we will evaluate the billing mechanism and perform account to parcel matching.  RFC will assist the City with necessary rate ordinance changes and with public outreach around the rate structure changes. RFC will be assisted by subcontractors K Bealer, Pacheco Koch Consulting Engineers, and Ware and Associates.

The public outreach effort will comprise council briefings and interactions, information for the general public, and targeted outreach to affected customers.