Mobile Area Water and Sewer System


The Mobile Area Water and Sewer System (MAWSS) engaged RFC to conduct a comprehensive water and sewer rate study.  MAWSS had recently issued revenues bond for approximately $106 million dollars to fund capital improvement projects, a significant portion of which addressed the consent decree.  RFC created a rate and financial planning model which was used to analyze MAWSS’ existing rate structure by allocating costs to each utility, and more importantly, between the fixed monthly component and the volumetric component.  RFC also conducted several other analyses including a wholesale rate study in order to determine the cost justified rate for MAWSS’ existing water wholesale customers, an impact fee study to determine if the current water and sewer impact fees were cost justified or if increases were warranted, and a miscellaneous fee study in order to calculate the cost justified rates for such items as connection fees, plan review fees, and other customer service related fees.