George Raftelis Pens Article in September Issue of Journal AWWA« All News

September 01, 2011

RFC’s Founder and Chairman, George Raftelis, CPA, authored an article, titled “Balancing Financial Sufficiency and Community Sustainability,” which is included in the September issue of Journal AWWA.

The landscape of the utility industry has grown to be very complex. Today’s utilities must be prepared to address a variety of issues including delicate environmental concerns, wide ranging community interests, complicated financial issues, varying levels of regulatory oversight, and economic distress that is rolling through all levels of society.

This article discusses how utilities are addressing the, sometimes competing, objectives of financial sufficiency and community sustainability in this complex environment, and strategies for utilities to improve their effectiveness in addressing these important issues. The article also discusses the necessity of tactical and strategic communications with stakeholders to keep these objectives in balance.

You can view this article on pages 56-59 of the September 2011 issue of Journal AWWA, or AWWA members can view this article on AWWA’s website. For more information, please contact George Raftelis at