Guiding utilities on their path to success

Since our founding, RFC’s focus has been on providing utilities with the financial, rate, management, and operational expertise needed to maintain financial sustainability while providing high quality services to their customers. The challenging environment of economic uncertainty, resource scarcity, and increasing public involvement has made it critical for a utility to have the requisite resources available. RFC provides utilities with the tools and expertise to overcome these challenges and meet their goals. While we continue to maintain our focus on the financial and management aspects of water industry utilities, we are constantly evolving our service offerings to provide our clients with the innovative approaches necessary to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the utility industry.

Financial and Rate Consulting

A utility must maintain rates that generate sufficient revenue, while also meeting its pricing objectives, such as equitably distributing costs to its customers. RFC provides many different financial and rate consulting services to help utilities meet their goals while maintaining a financially sustainable organization. RFC has provided financial and rate assistance to hundreds of utilities, from some of the largest, most complex utilities in the country to small towns with only a few thousand customers. Through this experience, we are able to see our clients’ issues from different perspectives and to provide them with innovative, value-added solutions.

Management Consulting

Now more than ever, utilities are benefiting from thoughtful examination and assessment of their organizations to drive enhanced performance. Faced with the need for revenue increases and cost-reduction pressures, today’s utilities must demonstrate to their customers and stakeholders that they have a plan for long-term sustainability and that they are operating with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. They must address a myriad of issues including aging infrastructure, regulatory compliance, environmental sustainability, management of internal change, and communication with customers and other stakeholders. From strategic planning to data management, RFC provides a variety of services to help optimize and enhance utility performance.