Habib Isaac

Senior Manager

Mr. Isaac has extensive experience in financial and utility rate modeling and has been serving public agencies for more than 14 years. With a background in applied mathematics and computer programming, Mr. Isaac has developed a number of financial models and has recently incorporated sophisticated macros into his models to create a user-friendly interface that can save and store scenarios “on-the-fly” for comparative analysis. Mr. Isaac is also well-versed with the cost of service principles and special benefit provisions of Proposition 218. In addition, he has also provided consulting services for conducting fiscal impact analyses for agencies in determining the impact generated by new development on services, and has prepared cash flow pro formas for securing bond issues, including mello-roos bonds, revenue bonds, and a number of refunding.

Mr. Isaac has assisted clients in the preparation and presentation of public awareness and information programs related to municipal projects ranging from utility rate studies to agency-wide taxes, and feasibility studies. He has developed procedures and supervised the preparation of extensive computer models for utility rate studies. Such experience generally relates to performing budget analyses, customer and usage analyses, development of revenue requirements, and cost of service allocations related to the implementation of rate structures designed to promote conservation while accounting for revenue sufficiency and price elasticity. As a mathematician, Mr. Isaac understands the sensitivity between competing variables that are commonly present in utility rate studies, such as, cost based tiers and economic price signaling.

Mr. Isaac has a BS degree in Applied Mathematics from San Diego State University.