Henrietta Locklear

Senior Manager

Ms. Locklear has 11 years of experience in local government finance and stormwater management. She specializes in working with local government staff, stakeholders, and elected officials to identify solutions and implement programs to meet environmental and public health challenges. Ms. Locklear is experienced in governmental financial analysis and planning, particularly in stormwater utility implementation and rate studies. She is also experienced in all aspects of utility implementation, with particular focus on policy analysis and development, and data and billing system implementation. She has studied fee credit programs and served as project lead on credit program development for several large stormwater utilities. She was a member of the working group that developed the certification test for APWA’s Stormwater Manager Certification. She is also a reviewer for the Water Environment Federation’s Special Publication titled User-Fee-Funded Stormwater Programs, 2nd Edition.  In addition, Ms. Locklear co-authored two chapters in the industry guidebook Water and Wastewater Finance and Pricing: The Changing Landscape, which are entitled, "Public Outreach and Gaining Stakeholder Commitment," and “Expanding Financing and Pricing Concepts into Stormwater.” Ms. Locklear has a wealth of experience with public input processes. On a variety of projects, she has developed and facilitated public stakeholder processes, outreach strategies, and education campaigns for programs ranging from stormwater utilities and NPDES compliance efforts to brownfields, on-site wastewater, and hazard mitigation programs. Her strengths include policy analysis and development; research methods, including survey development and administration; data analysis; local government finance; stakeholder facilitation; and strong written and oral communication skills. Ms. Locklear has an MPA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.