John Wright, CPA


Mr. Wright has twenty years of professional experience in financial management and economic analysis positions involving water, wastewater, energy and telecommunications utilities.  Prior to joining RFC in 2010, he served as the Manager of Rate Administration at Denver Water, one of the largest and most complex municipal water utilities in the western United States.  Denver Water provides regional treated water services throughout a large portion of metropolitan Denver via contractual relationships with approximately 70 suburban water distributors including 24 master meter wholesale customers.  As Manager of Rate Administration, Mr. Wright supervised the annual financial planning and comprehensive cost of service processes that resulted in water rates for both retail and wholesale customers.  He also served as the liaison to Denver Water's suburban water distributors and wholesale customers on cost of service issues.

Prior to joining Denver Water, Mr. Wright served as a Senior Economist at the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services, a nationally recognized leader in water pollution control and sustainable stormwater management programs.  He assisted in the development of the annual five-year financial plan and was responsible for preparing the annual sewer and stormwater cost of service and system development charge studies.  Mr. Wright has also served as a senior analyst at the both the Colorado and Oregon public utility commissions.  His work at the Colorado PUC included testifying as an expert witness on financial issues in electric power and natural gas utility rate case proceedings. At the Oregon PUC, Mr. Wright specialized in the telecommunications utility issues and served as an expert witness in regulatory proceedings.

Mr. Wright has an MS in Finance from the University of Colorado at Denver.