Rocky Craley


Mr. Craley joined RFC in 2008 and currently serves as a Manager. Since joining RFC, he has served on numerous water and wastewater rate and cost of service studies. Additionally, he has had the opportunity to work on a wide range of other projects involving public-private partnerships, rate differentials, risk analysis, and utility policy. Mr. Craley also manages RFC’s many survey efforts, including the biennial national Water and Wastewater Rate Survey co-produced with AWWA and the Utility Financial Information Survey produced by AMWA. He also authored a chapter entitled, "Benchmarking Rates and Charges," for the Fourth Edition of the industry guidebook, Water and Wastewater Finance and Pricing: The Changing Landscape. Mr. Craley is an active member of AWWA and the Texas Section of AWWA, specifically the Texas Rates and Charges Committee.  He is also an active member of WEF, and WEF’s Utility Management Committee, and he serves on the WEFTEC Planning Committee. Mr. Craley has an MS from Carnegie Mellon University.