Capital Improvement Planning / Prioritization

Your organization has limited funds, and investments must be made to support growth, regulatory compliance, and capital renewal. The need for critical infrastructure improvements for water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities and other public sector entities continues to grow. Balancing these competing needs is part of managing any public organization, and pressures from stakeholders and inefficient practices complicate this process. Raftelis can work with you to develop rock-solid capital planning strategies and tactics that manage risk and provide the appropriate resources to meet your organization’s needs.

Fail to plan, plan to fail

Developing capital plans that effectively balance the needs of today with the needs of tomorrow

An Implementation Focus

What good are strategies if they do not become a key component to how your organization does business? Even the best capital planning techniques are useless if they are not effectively implemented. Raftelis links the technical elements of capital planning with organizational changes and engagement strategy to implement capital planning solutions. From creating defensible prioritization processes to incorporating new technologies and asset management concepts like reliability-centered maintenance, Raftelis will help you implement streamlined practices that maximize your precious resources.

Defensible Prioritization

Making choices about which capital investments to make and when to make them is difficult and often politically charged. Every organization needs a defensible system to share with stakeholders explaining capital prioritization methods. Using stakeholder-supported and easy-to-understand rationale, we will work with you to implement a system that stakeholders understand and embrace.