Financial Planning

In today’s environment, utilities and government agencies need to have a multi-year financial plan that integrates capital improvement financing and customer impact awareness. Raftelis tailors each financial plan to meet the specific needs of the utility. Raftelis works with our clients to develop a comprehensive, reliable, and flexible financial plan that forecasts system operational and maintenance (O&M) costs, plans for necessary capital improvements and how these will be financed, projects customer account and usage information, and monitors the overall financial performance and health of the organization.

The first step to being proactive

Preparing for an uncertain future

Managing Capital Spending

A key component in utility and public sector financial planning is the management of capital spending. Whether your capital improvement program is driven by rehabilitation and replacement or meeting regulatory requirements, Raftelis has the industry experience and tools necessary to help schedule and identify funding for these capital projects.  Raftelis is registered with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) as a Municipal Advisor – this allows us to include robust capital financing planning modules in our financial planning models. Our financial planning models are designed for scenario-based analysis, allowing you to quickly adjust capital project lists and the associated funding options, easily varying cash and debt funding levels and seeing the impact on revenue requirements.

Understanding and Predicting Customer Behavior

Raftelis has helped hundreds of utilities and public-sector entities across the United States better plan for the ever-changing behavior of their customers. Mitigating the impacts of declining per capita water usage is a major concern for many agencies. Others are facing water shortages and must consider developing drought rates, and designing rates that promoting conservation through clear price signals. All of these challenges require an understanding of the current customer base served by your organization, how those accounts have changed over time, and how each member of the various customer classes is expected to behave in the future. Raftelis’ experience throughout the industry helps us to interpret your data and plan for dynamic customer behavior.

Tools for Planning and Communicating

A financial plan that is only known to and used by the chief financial officer is not as meaningful as the plan that can be shared with internal and external stakeholders. Raftelis develops custom financial planning computer models that are built around your organization’s accounting hierarchy, capital planning needs, customer information, and financial goals and policies. These models are built upon our defensible and proven methodologies and incorporate the latest in data analysis techniques, technology, and graphic visualizations with dashboard controls. Our models allow utilities and public-sector agencies to make plans for today while always being aware of the needs of tomorrow.