Stormwater Utility Development & Support

Many local governments are faced with growing stormwater infrastructure maintenance and rehabilitation needs and meeting increasingly stringent water quality requirements. Raftelis can help clients develop stable funding strategies to serve customers over the long term. Our services range from setting up new utilities and fees to modifying existing rate structures accounting for stormwater cost drivers to assisting local governments with integrating bond funding into long-term plans and bond sales.

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Equitably funding stormwater costs

Implementing fees and programs to fund stormwater maintenance and capital needs

Stormwater Utility Development

Whether spurred by regulatory requirements or local concerns, stormwater management needs are increasing for improving surface water quality and controlling flooding. Raftelis helps municipalities and management districts develop funding approaches that are tailored to local stormwater needs.

Raftelis offers an unparalleled depth of experience in the development and implementation of stormwater utilities. Our Stormwater Management Consulting Division has experience in all aspects of local government stormwater management and utility program implementation. We have executed a wide range of analytical and evaluative projects, including policy development, process development, data management, and public stakeholder process implementation. For clients just starting to differentiate stormwater service delivery from streets maintenance or water/wastewater, to those with well-established stormwater programs aiming to improve service delivery, fee structures, or customer service, our staff have helped many utilities evaluate alternative policies, benchmark their stormwater programs and policies, document and improve business processes, and develop and implement new programs.

Stormwater Program Development Support

A crucial component of stormwater program cost of service development is defining exactly which historic activities and which future activities make up the stormwater program. Unlike some government activities such as wastewater treatment or police response, stormwater services are often provided in a distributed manner by different departments. Raftelis has used a variety of approaches to help clients define these services for cost analysis and stormwater entity development.

Raftelis also assists with regulatory compliance by supporting client interaction with regulators, developing permit-based programs and activity timelines, and performing compliance activities such as public involvement and outreach.

Making it Work

At Raftelis, we understand that ideas are only as good as their implementation. Raftelis has repeatedly and successfully implemented fees for large and small local governments, with a variety of billing methods in communities with different concerns, varying data quality, and differing goals for funding structures and incentives. One of Raftelis’ particular strengths is in developing processes and software that enable stormwater billing on legacy utility and tax billing systems.

We also work with local government counsel on the development of ordinances that authorize or update existing stormwater utility policies.

Raftelis specializes in assisting with customer and public relations during utility development, implementation, and post-go live periods with our expertise in public outreach, stakeholder facilitation, and customer service provision.