Organizational, Governance, & Operations Optimization

Stakeholders want responsive, high-performing public services, without substantial increases to rates and fees. Producing value for each dollar spent is imperative. Raftelis helps utilities and public-sector entities structure, assess, and optimize their organization and its resources to meet the often complex and sometimes conflicting desires of stakeholders.

Structured for success

Developing approaches and structures that facilitate performance

Organized and Optimized

Agencies with efficient practices and optimized structures have lower lifecycle asset costs, and lower operations and maintenance expenditures for the same activities, compared with their peers – they also provide better service. There are many proven models for providing public services – from traditional municipal structures to public-private partnerships. There is an equally diverse number of management and governance approaches. Sorting through the options and making necessary changes is complex. Things can get politically and emotionally charged.

Assessing the Situation

To understand an organization’s needs, it’s helpful to have an outside perspective. Raftelis’ team of former utility managers, operations professionals, and subject matter experts engage with organizations to learn about what makes them different, their culture and people, and their performance-limiting factors. Our team examines productivity measures, such as those associated with meeting service levels or efficiency, to determine if money is being spent wisely. We’ll learn a lot about your organization through this process, and so will you. We can then leverage these opportunities and strengths to enhance organizational performance.

Making Recommendations a Reality

Our actionable recommendations are developed based on priority, cost benefit, and ease of implementation. In addition, methods for implementation are suggested, with consideration for change management practices and operating environment limitations (unions, budgets, service levels, etc.). We then work with clients to manage the implementation of these recommendations and to track progress towards making them a reality.

You need the buy in of customers, employees, and other stakeholders as you adopt new approaches and begin new initiatives. They want to know what’s in it for them. How you collaborate and communicate with them is critical. Raftelis can bring an array of effective approaches to engage these groups. We can help build communication pathways and form new relationships that will improve your organization. Our deliverables don’t sit on shelves – they’re living, working documents that effectively communicate your message to stakeholders. They will provide you with the ammunition that your organization needs to achieve the performance that it desires.