Strategic Communications & Public Outreach

There has never been a more critical time for the public sector to communicate the value of the services it provides. Now, more than ever, meaningful, deliberate, and strategic communication efforts can make the difference between a successful infrastructure project or revenue request and a public outcry resulting in a reputational crisis.

Listen, engage, get results

Effective communication results in an informed, supportive community

Tell Your Story to Build Understanding

Today, we can engineer and finance solutions for the ongoing needs of our community, yet success often relies on public trust and support for our efforts. People know that infrastructure investment is important – but they often don’t understand how impactful and costly it is and what that will mean to them personally. Strategic communication and stakeholder engagement are the tools we use to build an informed, supportive community; making your efforts to accomplish your objectives more effective and efficient.

Use Best Practices and Innovative Tools

There are endless choices when it comes to developing a strategic communication plan for your organization or project. How do you know which social media strategy or public participation technique is the best and will get the results you want? Raftelis designs the right communication solution for your unique needs, ensuring that the strategy and tactics match your organization’s goals and your ability to implement the plan. Traditional public outreach approaches can easily be combined with innovative online stakeholder engagement efforts to tailor a solution that is cost-effective and manageable for staff.

Enhanced by Design

In the age of endless distractions and information overload, people want information in a visual format that is quickly and easily understood. While detailed, 100-page reports may provide great detail into a topic, this is typically not the most effective way to communicate with your stakeholders. Raftelis’ team of in-house graphic designers and communications experts utilize the art of design and visualization to develop concise, visually pleasing, and easily digestible materials and content to effectively communicate your message.

Communicating From Experience

Raftelis has proven ability to successfully communicate and build consensus on large, complex, and often controversial projects – and we’ve walked in your shoes, working directly with customers, stakeholders, elected officials, media, and environmental organizations to engage and collaborate with them. Whether your goal is to build support for a water rate structure change or analyze public perceptions to effectively neutralize opposition to an infrastructure project or new program, we’ve been there and done it successfully.