Strategic Planning

There never seems to be enough time, money, or staff to meet every need, and allocating limited resources is one of the most difficult aspects of effectively managing a public organization. Raftelis assists its clients in developing strategic plans to guide policy and operational decision making.

Planning for success

Developing plans that provide a roadmap to meet your goals

A Broad and Deep Approach

Our strategic planning approach utilizes interviews, focus groups, workshops, Board retreats, and facilitated meetings to drive the planning process and to develop relevant goals and objectives that meet the needs of your organization.

Our approach to strategic planning involves a proven and unique process that:

A successful strategic planning process should provide the organization with several important
benefits, including:

From Plan to Action

Even the most in-depth and skillfully developed strategic plan will fall short of success if the plan is never implemented. Raftelis works with our clients after the development of the plan to ensure successful implementation on a realistic timeline. We also provide tools to track progress as the objectives and strategies of the plan come to fruition.

Strategic planning that is incorporated into the fabric of the organization is a valuable tool to help ensure that the organization is sustainable operationally, environmentally, socially, and financially.