Billing, permitting, and customer information audits

Sometimes staff lose confidence in the numbers being reported from key information systems. We can help you confirm the source of data management or reporting errors that may be casting doubts across your operations and improve your processes to provide more accurate data in the future.

Forensic Data Analysis

We analyze customer, financial, and regulatory systems using forensic data analysis concepts to identify opportunities for data cleansing, process improvements, and system upgrades that can restore confidence in your organization’s information. We have successfully identified system configuration errors that generated millions of dollars in annual losses; we have uncovered behaviors by temporary staff that prevented collections enforcement; and we have identified billable customers that were not receiving bills for service. We work to pair audit findings with recommendations that can be rapidly implemented to prevent further financial losses.

Customer Service and Utility Billing

Many utilities struggle with fully leveraging the capabilities of their Customer Information System (CIS) and continue to perform manual workarounds using spreadsheets, paper forms, emails, sticky notes, and multiple data entries daily. Most utilities want to enhance their customer management program by streamlining these inefficient practices but don’t know where to start. Raftelis’ professionals apply their expertise to help the utility solve their lingering customer service, utility billing, field mobility, system interfaces, data quality, and reporting issues. We identify numerous business process improvements and technology enhancements that streamline our client’s meter-to-cash processes, optimizes call center operations, expand customer self-services, and improve field operations at reduced costs.

Accurate Reporting

In many cases, doubts relating to information originating from key local government and utility systems are not caused by the source data, but rather by the reporting mechanisms employed to extract the information. We can review reporting logic in a variety of programming languages and systems to ensure that report results are accurate and reflect the needs of your decision makers. We can rewrite reporting logic for metrics as simple as the number of billable accounts, to complex financial reports used to support bond purchases or regulatory requirements. We have also created data warehouses to support performance metrics and reporting needs that are not supported by an organization’s standard information systems. We help restore staff confidence by providing objective analysis of your key reports and information systems.

Technology Capabilities
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