Business Process Development

Are your staff members putting the technology that you have available to its best use? We can help you take a step back and assess how effectively your operations are employing their information resources and if there are more efficient paths leading to the same or improved results. Our team can help encourage improved communication between teams and develop transparent procedures for achieving business goals. We can teach staff how to better use their tools and provide targeted support that combines technical knowledge with subject matter expertise.

Educate your users

Getting the most out of your technology

Process Mapping

A great deal of value can be uncovered by mapping current business processes as they exist within the utility organization and comparing these processes to industry best practices. Process maps can uncover minor disconnects in communication or understanding that may result in lost time or revenue. Raftelis staff have worked closely with utility staff at all levels of an organization to understand how jobs are performed on a daily and annual basis. By interviewing staff and understanding their needs and challenges, we can suggest holistic modifications to processes to improve individual and organizational effectiveness.