Software Solutions

Custom software empowers you to interact with your data and customers in a more accessible way. Our application development staff have designed and implemented customer service, billing, GIS, financial, performance, and other applications across web, mobile, and desktop platforms to help support a variety of business objectives.

Build your toolbox

Developing custom software to meet unique objectives

Tools of the Trade

Custom software helps users to be more efficient during their daily work, have greater access to the data that matter to them, and have greater connectivity with their stakeholders and customers. Our staff are able to combine in-depth knowledge of utilities, government, and finance with strong technology skills to provide a tailored solution to meet your technology needs.

Raftelis have successfully implemented software solutions for utilities using a methodology that limits risk and ensures that the final product blends the desired functionality with ease of use. Our products are used to bill hundreds of millions of dollars of utility charges and fees annually, intake tens of thousands of affordability program applications, and communicate organizational performance metrics both internally and to the public. Our software has empowered our clients to be more responsive, more transparent, and more accurate across administrative and operational functions.