Data forensics webinar—Could your utility data be misleading you?

June 09, 2021

June 8, 2021
2:00 pm (ET)
Duration: 1 hour

We hear it all the time—something is just not right. Maybe you raised wastewater rates, but the revenue isn’t showing up like you thought it would. Or water customers in one part of town keep chatting on social media about a perceived billing issue. Or you suspect there might be a number of properties that are not getting a stormwater bill. Bad data leads to bad information and bad decisions. Our data experts regularly look under the hood of billing systems and comb through GIS data to identify inaccuracies and help to find the right answers.

Join Raftelis for a one-hour webinar as we share real utility examples and hear how we’ve uncovered billing system issues, major process gaps in data entry, and even employee fraud. This webinar will show you how a deep dive into your data can result in higher revenue for the utility, a better customer experience, and the answers you are seeking.

Presenters: Keith Readling, Chris McPhee, Jennifer Tavantzis, and Katie Cromwell