Jersey WaterCheck – New Jersey’s one stop shop for water information

Author: Seth Garrison, Senior Manager (Email)

Water connects us all, and for New Jerseyans, Jersey WaterCheck is now their connection to New Jersey’s water.

Jersey WaterCheck is a new online resource that helps New Jersey residents learn about water in their state and get connected with their local drinking water and wastewater service providers. The website provides facts, data, and metrics to demonstrate the need to invest in sustainable, cost-effective solutions that are useful to utilities as well. Jersey WaterCheck is part of Jersey Water Works—a collaborative of diverse stakeholders including utilities and advocacy organizations with the goal of improving New Jersey’s water infrastructure by supporting sustainable, cost-effective solutions that provide communities with clean water and waterways. Jersey WaterCheck was created by Raftelis to be an innovative and informative to engage the public and a range of stakeholders.

Jersey WaterCheck is an interactive web-based dashboard that:

  • Includes every drinking water and wastewater system in New Jersey on one easy-to-use website
  • Combines data from public sources and information from utilities for service users
  • Connects you to important information about water and wastewater systems in your community and throughout the state
  • Helps New Jerseyans learn why our water and wastewater service providers are investing in water infrastructure improvements

This first-of-its-kind water data dashboard is a true collaboration between utilities, advocacy organizations, and the public. No other venue provides such a rich collection of state-wide data on water and water infrastructure. Jersey WaterCheck’s interactive format supports search data by location, system type, and benchmark type, and provides both local and regional information.

Check out Jersey WaterCheck at