Raftelis actively involved at UMC 2014

February 19, 2014

Raftelis is looking forward to playing a major role at this year’s Utility Management Conference (UMC). The conference will be held in Savannah, Georgia on February 25-28. A number of Raftelis personnel will be attending, Raftelis Principal Consultant Tom Arn is the conference co-Chair, and several of our staff members will be giving presentations or moderating sessions at the conference. These sessions are listed below, and we hope that you will be able to attend if you are at the conference.

Workshop: The Value of Water – A Stakeholder Engagement Tool: Wateropolis
Tuesday, February 25, 8:30 am

Presented by:
Doug Bean – Raftelis
Catherine Noyes – Raftelis
Jim Horne – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Mary Tiger – Environmental Finance Center at the University of North Carolina School of Government

The Stream Ran Dry but the Revenue Did Not: Developing a Drought Surcharge to Preserve Utility Revenues in Extreme Weather
Wednesday, February 26, 2:30 pm (Session 6)

Presented by:
Joe Crea – Raftelis
Joey Murphy – Columbus Water Works (GA)

A Multi-Jurisdictional Environmental Compliance Approach Saves Money in NC
Thursday, February 27, 8:30 am (Session 12)

Presented by: Henrietta Locklear – Raftelis

Utility Leadership Forum – Who Cares About Your Success (Besides You)?
Thursday, February 27, 10:30 am (Session 13)

Moderated by: Tom Arn – Raftelis

Utility Leader Forum – How to Get Internal Buy-In To Promote Progress
Thursday, February 27, 1:30 pm (Session 16)

Moderated by: Bill Stannard – Raftelis

Public Outreach Begins with the Board
Friday, February 28, 8:30 am

Moderated by:
Rocky Craley – Raftelis
Graham Rich – Central Arkansas Water

Program Development & Policy Considerations Surrounding Online Stormwater Fee Maps
Friday, February 28, 9:00 am (Session 23)

Presented by: Jenn Fitts – Raftelis