Raftelis actively involved at UMC 2015

February 11, 2015

Raftelis is looking forward to playing a major role at this year’s Utility Management Conference (UMC). The conference will be held in Austin, TX on February 17-20. A number of Raftelis personnel will be attending, and several of our staff members will be giving presentations or moderating sessions at the conference. These presentations are listed below, and we hope that you will be able to attend if you are at the conference.

Tuesday, February 17

Workshop: Wateropolis – The Value of Water…Issues and Choices (8:30 am)
Presented by:
Doug Bean – Raftelis
Catherine Noyes – Raftelis
Jim Horne – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Shadi Eskaf – Environmental Finance Center at the University of North Carolina School of Government

Wednesday, February 18

San Juan Capistrano: Overcoming the Legal and Public Scrutiny (10:30 am)
Presented by:
Sanjay Gaur – Raftelis

Time for a Change? El Paso Considers a New Rate Structure (11:30 am)
Presented by:
Rick Giardina – Raftelis
Andrew Rheem – Raftelis
Marcela Navarrete – El Paso Water Utilities

Baltimore’s Organizational Change (11:00 am)
Presented by:
Tom Arn – Raftelis
Rudy Chow – City of Baltimore Department of Public Works

The Transition from Strategic Planning to Strategic Management: Working Your Plan…DC Water’s Blue Horizon 2020 Journey (2:00 pm)
Presented by:
Darin Thomas – Raftelis
George Hawkins – DC Water
Sarah Neiderer – DC Water

Friday, February 20

Water Reuse-ing This For? (11:30 am)
Presented by:
John Wright – Raftelis
Todd Cristiano – Denver Water
Robert Ryall – Willdan Financial
Craig Aubuchon – Analysis Group
Andrew Burnham – Burton & Associates