Raftelis conducting AWWA rate webinar

January 23, 2015

On February 25, Raftelis will be hosting an AWWA webinar entitled Get Rates That Balance Revenue With Customer Needs. The key objectives of the webinar will be to:

  1. Describe the core steps to a sound rate methodology
  2. Identify trends in utility rates for water and wastewater utilities
  3. Compare rates across a specific geographic region
  4. Use the data analysis tool

Raftelis Executive VP Rick Giardina will be moderating, and the presenters will be: Raftelis Senior Manager Tony Hairston; Raftelis Manager Rocky Craley; Marcela Navarette of El Paso Water Utilities; and Ken Mercer of AWWA.

For more information or to register for the webinar, please visit AWWA’s website.