Raftelis playing a major role at UMC 2013

February 20, 2013

Raftelis is looking forward to being actively involved in this year’s Utility Management Conference (UMC). The conference will be held in Glendale, Arizona on March 10-13. A number of Raftelis personnel will be attending, and several of our staff members will be giving presentations or moderating sessions at the conference. These sessions are listed below, and we hope that you will be able to attend if you are at the conference.

Workshop: Which Conservation Rate Structure is Best for Your Utility, and How Do You Implement It?
Sunday, March 10, 1 pm (Session SUN03)
Presented by:
Sanjay Gaur – Raftelis
Tim Barr – Western Municipal Water District (CA)
Todd Cristiano – Denver Water (CO)
Michael Grandy – El Toro Water District (CA)
Paul Matthews – Tualatin Valley Water District (OR)
Belinda Oden – Tucson Water (AZ)

Workshop: The Value of Water – Issues and Choices
Sunday, March 10, 1:30 pm (Session SUN02)
Presented by:
Doug Bean – Raftelis / SUNESIS Division
Darin Thomas – Raftelis / SUNESIS Division
Jim Horne – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Jeff Hughes – Environmental Finance Center at the University of North Carolina School of Government

Changing Utility Operations to Achieve Positive Outcomes
Monday, March 11, 10:30 am (Session MON02)
Moderated by Tom Arn – Raftelis

What Does the Future Look Like? Leadership Development from Within.
Monday, March 11, 1:30 pm (Session MON06)
Moderated by Bill Stannard – Raftelis

Entering the Twitterverse: An Analysis of Twitter Use at Large Water Utilities
Tuesday, March 12, 9:30 am (Session TUE02)
Presented by Catherine Noyes – Raftelis

Tucson Water Rate Restructuring: Pricing Water Service Availability in a Desert City
Tuesday, March 12, 1:30 pm (Session TUE08)
Presented by:
Harold Smith – Raftelis
Deb Galardi – Galardi Rothstein Group
Belinda Oden – Tucson Water (AZ)

Adapting to Declining Water Sales: Local Utilities Share Their Experiences
Tuesday, March 12, 1:30 pm (Session TUE08)
Moderated by Jon Davis – Raftelis

Exploring the Utility Manager and Policy Maker Relationship
Tuesday, March 12, 3:30 pm (Session TUE10)
Moderated by Tom Arn – Raftelis

Redefining Affordability: How Baltimore City Redefined Customer Impacts and Identified Metrics of Local Affordability
Wednesday, March 13, 9:00 am (Session WED03)
Presented by:
Joe Crea – Raftelis
Blake Bornkessel – City of Baltimore (MD)

Addressing the Rain: Developing and Financing Innovative Storm Water Management Programs
Wednesday, March 13, 10:30 am (Session WED06)
Moderated by Bill Stannard – Raftelis