Transformative Local Government Leaders Program

June 14 – 17, 2022 in Cincinnati, OH




Local governments need creative and dynamic leaders who are prepared to break through the “we’ve always done it this way” mindset to help communities thrive. Transformative leaders build resilient organizations that are unafraid to try new things, reform and improve business processes, and encourage empathy throughout the organization.

The Raftelis Performance Academy’s Transformative Local Government Leaders program is designed to invigorate leaders – whether seasoned or up-and-coming – and immerse them in innovative leadership thinking and process improvement. The program is based on using the power of collaboration to fast-track learning using shared experiences, connection building, and information sharing.

This unique learning experience blends in-person learning and connection building. Participants will gather for in-person learning at the new Raftelis Performance Academy training center in Cincinnati, OH June 14 – 17, 2022. Learning and connecting will continue after the time in Cincinnati ends, using technology and connection building through our partner ELGL’s network. Participants have the option to gather again at the ELGL conference October 12 – 14, 2022 in Phoenix, AZ.

Who should apply?

This program is for local government leaders who are looking for innovation, leadership, communications, and engagement training that is highly practical and relevant in public sector workplaces. The curriculum will draw from Raftelis’ rich history of advising public sector organizations. People working in all areas of local government, who aspire to or are currently in leadership positions, are encouraged to apply.

Program Dates, Location and Pricing

June 14 – 17, 2022 in Cincinnati, OH plus ongoing networking and connection opportunities through our partner ELGL.

The total program cost is $1,500 and participants are responsible for their own expenses. Full and partial scholarships are available. Discounted hotel rates are available for out-of-town participants.

Program Outline

Over the span of four full days, participants will be led through course content, case studies, and hands-on exercises through the following curriculum:

Authentic Leadership

Prior to meeting in Cincinnati, participants will have the opportunity to complete an EverythingDiSC® Management profile, an online assessment aimed at providing insights into the one-on-one relationships a leader has with individual staff and colleagues. During the in-person training, participants will dive deeper into their DiSC ® results to gain insights into their own behaviors and authentic leadership style. Participants will explore various dimensions of leadership and work to identify and cultivate their personal and authentic leadership priorities.

Strategic Planning and Visioning

Participants will learn the purpose and process for developing the vision and strategic priorities of an organization. This includes the primary components of a strategic plan, tools and techniques for community engagement in the strategic planning process, developing consensus on vision and strategic priorities, and methods for operationalizing and implementing strategic plans once they are developed.

Problem Solving and Innovation

Participants will learn and practice problem solving and innovation concepts and techniques, aimed at improving operations and solving organizational issues. Problem solving concepts and tools will include root cause analysis, gap analysis, and addressing equity in process improvement. Innovation concepts and tools will include creative problem-solving techniques such as behavioral insights and “yes, and” thinking.

Change Management and Organizational Culture

Participants will develop a practical understanding of change management concepts so that they can be successful champions of change and promote a culture of innovation within their organizations. Key concepts that will be covered include understanding and working with common reactions to change, communication tools for supporting change, and methods for building investment and buy-in with an organization.