City of Concord

Concord, New Hampshire, United States

Raftelis assisted the City of Concord (City) with a comprehensive water and sewer rate study. Raftelis met with key City staff members to understand the key concerns driving the existing and future realities of the water and sewer utilities. Raftelis developed a short- and long-term financial plan for both utilities, focusing on the financing of the City’s capital improvements plans, and the financial sustainability of both utilitiesRaftelis developed multiple water and sewer rate structure scenarios to successfully meet the City’s pricing objectives including revenue and rate stability, cost of servicebased allocations, conservation, and affordability. Through detailed and collaborative sessions with City staff, a final rate structure was agreed upon and is currently working its way through the implementation process in the City. This process should establish long-term success and sustainability for the City’s water and sewer utilities.