Town of Sherborn

Sherborn, Massachusetts, United States

In 2019, the Town of Sherborn (Town) engaged the firm to perform an assessment and analysis of the Sherborn Police Department. The goal of this study was to assess the Police Department’s staffing level and deployment practices to determine whether they are adequate to meet the Town’s service level needs and expectations and to identify opportunities to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the Police Department.

Raftelis (formerly TNCG) conducted extensive fieldwork, staff interviews and focus groups, onsite facility tours, a survey to Town residents regarding policing services, and the review of background information provided by Police Department and Town staff to evaluate budget information, workload measures, performance indicators, and relevant data regarding the Police Department’s operations and administration. The data gathered in the course of this process was evaluated using an analytical approach that considers service levels and goals, operational constraints, and data-derived issue analysis and validation. The report resulted in several staffing, administrative, and operational recommendations tailored to the unique circumstances of the Town of Sherborn.