Wayne County

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States

Raftelis was engaged to perform a financial analysis regarding the merger/regionalization of several sewer systems in Wayne County, North Carolina. The Town of Eureka (Eureka) owned and operated a collection system that provided sewer collection service to approximately 110 sewer customers. Wastewater is collected and then transmitted to the Town of Fremont (Fremont). Fremont also operated its own sewer collection system. The sewer flow from Eureka and Fremont is pumped to the City of Goldsboro (Goldsboro) for treatment.

Two regionalization options were evaluated for sewer service in Wayne County. The first option was for Fremont to take over the operation of Eureka’s sewer collection system, whereby Eureka’s customers would become Fremont’s retail customers. And the second option was for Goldsboro to take over the collection systems of both Eureka and Fremont, whereby Eureka/Fremont’s sewer customers would become Goldsboro’s retail customers.

Raftelis performed a financial feasibility analysis to analyze the two options by evaluating the financial impact on each municipality and the financial impact on sewer customers (affordability of sewer bills). The financial analysis included analyzing the capital costs of addressing inflow and infiltration challenges, changes in operating costs as a result of reduced (I&I), substitution of wholesale revenues with retail revenues, and changes in personnel costs under regionalization. The feasibility analysis identified the most viable regionalization option.