Delinquent account management plan and customer assistance programming

For many utilities the percentage of customer accounts that are going unpaid is soaring much higher than ever seen before. Utilities have suspended collection activities on past-due accounts to give customers time to cope as businesses struggle and unemployment grows. As utilities re-enter the collections arena, providing customer assistance is becoming an immediate need. Raftelis has developed a way to rapidly understand and plan for a potential tsunami of delinquent accounts and develop a play book for how to respond…NOW!

Creating a Delinquent Account Management Plan involves gathering and analyzing data while simultaneously understanding legal constraints and developing and analyzing policy options. The Plan walks utilities through this new and sensitive landscape, and includes a course of action that provides recommendations on outreach and communication with stakeholders and customers.

Raftelis is a leader in the affordability space. Our Customer Assistance Programming addresses utilities’ needs by:

  • Reviewing and assessing organizational capacity to manage volume of payment plans and assistance needed
  • Developing effective training and workflow processes that ensure timely provision of customer assistance
  • Assessing whether current staffing resources can effectively administer the program/process in-house during a surge of delinquencies; especially if these resources are staggered for social distancing

To learn more, view our insight on managing delinquency and fostering affordability or see our case study on how rapid response and thoughtful policies can benefit utility customers and lessen revenue impacts.