Investing in your water future: A primer for federal funding

Aging infrastructure, new PFAS and lead-removal rules, climate change, and cyber threats are just some of the reasons water utilities must invest in their systems. They must also consider how they can balance affordability with these substantial investments. Here we provide sources of funding and financing to consider and explore factors that determine how to pay for infrastructure updates.

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Raftelis Performance Academy

Training for local government and utility professionals

Elevate your game and learn to work smarter, not harder, while improving the quality of life in the community you serve.

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Data-driven insights and monitoring for utilities and local governments

From monitoring progress of KPIs to comparing and preparing rates and fees, Ellio delivers custom insights to inform your decisions.

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At Raftelis, we focus on the people that make local governments and utilities successful, ensuring that those that lead these organizations in the areas of finance, management, communication, and technology have a trusted partner to help them achieve results. Look to us for financial and strategic planning, performance measurement, executive search and recruitment, rate studies and cost of service analysis, communications and stakeholder engagement, data and economic analytics, and more.

Strengthening organizations for the communities they serve and the people who make them work

Meet Ellio

Ellio is a new cloud-based platform with tools developed specifically for utilities and public-sector organizations. It drives performance and provides data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

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