Debt issuance support

Many local governments and utilities are leveraging their available funds by issuing tax-exempt revenue bonds and other types of debt financing to fund needed capital investment including repair and replacement of aging infrastructure and the addition of new assets. These funding sources are often a better alternative than using rates and can dramatically decrease the rate volatility that often accompanies pay-as-you-go funding. However, to fully realize the benefits of debt financing, your agency must take steps to reduce the cost of borrowing.

Providing Investor Confidence

We prepare a financial feasibility report for the official statement clients need to help market and sell bonds. This report helps demonstrate to potential investors and rating agencies the relatively low level of risk associated with your borrowing, thereby reducing your cost of borrowing. Rating agencies, investors, and underwriters are familiar with Raftelis reports, and that provides them with confidence.

Understanding the Impacts

We can explain how different financing options will impact customer rates. This will help you better communicate with your customers and governing body to build their understanding and support for revenue needs.

We Are a Registered Municipal Advisor

We are registered with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) as a Municipal Advisor. As a municipal advisor we have a fiduciary responsibility to the issuer. As registered municipal advisors we must always act in the best interests of the issuer, and we possess the expertise needed to execute a deal.

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