Budget development

Raftelis provides a wide variety of services to help local governments and utilities manage their operating and capital improvement plan budget development processes. Ultimately, a local government or utility’s budget reflects policy goals, community or customer priorities, and daily service delivery requirements. Raftelis applies an approach that takes each of these important factors into account.

To do this we engage with the public, governing bodies, and organizational leadership teams to define policy goals and priorities for the budget process. We employ a variety of techniques, which can include facilitated community engagement sessions, focus groups, web-based public engagement, and one-on-one interviews to define policy and budget frameworks.

We then work closely with local government or utility staff to support the internal budget development process. We help frame and execute the budget development calendar and provide you with enhanced analytical capacity to help define the implications of budgeting decisions within the policy framework and community and customer service level expectations. We then help our clients manage the public engagement and communication process to validate budget priorities and generate support for organizational initiatives and, just as importantly, to prioritize these efforts within the context of available resources.

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