Raftelis Performance Academy

Expand your leadership skills and enhance your organization’s performance at the Raftelis Performance Academy. The Academy is the only leadership development, performance improvement, and innovation training program in the country that is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of local governments and utilities. The opportunities we offer in-person at our state-of-the-art training center located in Cincinnati or delivered onsite at your facility are aimed at developing high-performing leaders, driving process improvement, and fostering innovation in your organizations while addressing equity and inclusion concerns.

For more information on course offerings please contact Jennifer Teal at raftelisperformanceacademy@raftelis.com.

Recent Course in Cincinnati

Process Improvement and Innovation | December 12-15, 2023




Training That Addresses Local Government and Utility Needs

Local governments and utilities have unique training needs that are specific to the programs and services they deliver. They need employees that have a wide array of leadership, analytic, and problem-solving competencies to address the issues and challenges associated with providing high-quality and equitable services for their communities’ current and evolving needs.

The Raftelis Performance Academy is experienced in developing tailored learning and development programs that help meet these needs. Examples of the types of topics and skills we have developed learning opportunities around include:


Performance Management

Process Improvement and Innovation 

Strategic Communication 

Organizational culture

Strategic planning

Improving customer service 

Assessing existing strategies 

Recruitment and retention

Effective work planning

Developing efficient workflows 

Building strategic communications plans 

Building a positive work environment

Performance measurement

Process mapping

Media training 

Change management

Data-driven decision making

Using technology to improve business processes

Crisis and risk communication 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Effective Utility Management 

Innovation and disruption

Community engagement 


Dynamic Trainers with Real World Experience

Our instructors and curriculum designers are seasoned industry professionals, with years of experience serving the utility and local government sectors. They bring industry best practices and dynamic content together to engage participants in meaningful and enjoyable experiences.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the Transformative Utility Leaders course. The course was very engaging. Over the course of four days I was never watching the clock and I did not think about checking my phone. The instructors were top notch and were very knowledgeable over a wide range of utility management. They shared their experiences related to the course material and bridged the gap between theory and practicality. Most of all the instructors engaged the participants in the course by creating a comfortable learning environment that allowed critical thinking, knowledge transfer, and professional growth.”
– RPA Attendee


Training Opportunities for All Career Stages

Learning and development opportunities can be developed that meet the needs of individuals as they progress throughout their careers:

The Raftelis Performance Academy grants Continuing Education Units (CEUs) at a rate of 1 CEU for every 10 contact hours of training. It is the individual’s responsibility to contact the appropriate licensing or credentialing organization to receive credit.