Raftelis Performance Academy

Expand your leadership skills and enhance your organization’s performance at the Raftelis Performance Academy. The Academy is the only leadership development, performance improvement, and innovation training program in the country that is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of local governments and utilities. The opportunities we offer at our state-of-the-art training center located in Cincinnati, or brought to you at your facility or virtually, are aimed at developing high performing leaders, driving process improvement, and fostering innovation in their organizations while addressing equity and inclusion concerns.

Upcoming Course:
Transformative Local Government Leaders Program



For more information on course offerings please contact Jennifer Teal at jteal@raftelis.com.

Training That Addresses Local Government and Utility Needs

Local governments and utilities need employees that have a wide array of leadership, analytic, and problem-solving competencies to address the issues and challenges associated with providing high-quality and equitable services that meet current and evolving community needs. The Raftelis Performance Academy provides learning and development programs that help meet these needs in the following areas:


Performance Management

Innovation and Process Improvement

Organizational culture

Strategic planning

Developing efficient workflows

Recruitment and retention

Effective work planning

Business process re-engineering

Building a positive work environment

Performance measurement

Process mapping

Change management

Data-driven decision making

Using technology to improve business processes

Diversity, equity, and inclusion


Innovation and disruption

Internal and external communication

Effective Utility Management


The Raftelis Performance Academy Facility

While training opportunities provided by the Raftelis Performance Academy can be offered at your site or virtually we’ve found that many organizations are looking for an immersive program to send individuals or a whole team. Our state-of-the-art training center in Cincinnati provides flexible seating for 34 participants and break-out rooms for small-group work. Conveniently located for air and car travel, the facility also has lodging across the street.

Training Opportunities for All Career Stages

Learning and development opportunities can be developed that meet the needs of individuals as they progress throughout their careers:

Course Offerings

Transformative Leaders Cohort: Four-day, in-person hands-on workshop developed in partnership with Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) and Spring Point Partners. This program will provide participants with training and experiential learning opportunities in the specific leadership content and concepts that are critical to innovation, inclusion, and transformative leadership.

Local Government Analyst Academy: One-day, in-person workshop developed in partnership with ELGL. This program will provide participants with the opportunity to develop their analytic skills and abilities, while providing development opportunities for the next generation of local government and utility leaders. Content will include budget, policy, process improvement, and communications concepts.

Introduction to Performance Improvement and Innovation: Partial-day workshop, offered online or in person. This training introduces participants to the concept of business process improvement and creating awareness of and interest in the PI2 Academy.

Performance Improvement and Innovation (PI2) Academy: Four-day, hands-on workshop, offered in person at the Raftelis Performance Academy, on-site at a client’s facilities, or at a regionally convenient location for clients from multiple entities to attend without investing in overnight travel. The training provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to become process improvement and innovation leaders in their organizations. In addition to the in-class content, Raftelis trainers provide coaching support to participants as they complete and document their first process improvement project in their organization.

Creating a Culture of Innovation: One-day workshop, offered in person or on-line over two consecutive half-days. This workshop equips participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to embed innovation in their workplace’s culture.

Empowered Women’s Leadership: One-day workshop, offered in person or on-line. This workshop supports the development of woman leaders through investigation of strategies to address bias in the workplace, authentic leadership and self-advocacy, imposter syndrome, and high-value networking and mentoring.