Regulated utility support

Regulated utilities, both investor- and non-investor-owned, must obtain approval of a state utility commission for most decisions, such as rate increases or changes to rate structures. This is a legal process, as the utility must actually file a rate case with their state commission. Every aspect of the rate case is scrutinized by not only the state regulator, but often also a consumer advocate and other intervenors.

In addition to the heavy scrutiny, rate filings are costly and quite time consuming for a regulated utility; for these reasons, it’s imperative the utility conduct rigorous research and sound analyses, and seek expert opinions prior to filing.

Raftelis can help. Our staff have a breadth of experience and success providing rate case and expert witness support to regulated utilities across the country. We are keenly aware of the litigation process utilities face during regulatory proceedings and can provide the expert advice needed for a positive outcome.

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