Financial and capital planning

The need for critical infrastructure improvements continues to grow. Local governments and utilities have limited funds, and investments must be made to support growth, regulatory compliance, and capital renewal. We work with you to develop comprehensive, reliable, and flexible financial plans that forecast your operations and maintenance (O&M) costs, determine how necessary capital improvements will be financed, project customer account and usage information, and monitor the overall financial performance and health of the organization. We also develop capital planning strategies and tactics that manage risk and ensure you have the appropriate resources to meet your organization’s needs.

Managing Capital Spending

A key component of sound financial planning is careful management of capital spending. Whether your capital improvement program is driven by rehabilitation and replacement, or meeting a regulatory requirement, Raftelis has the industry experience and tools to help prioritize, schedule and identify funding for these projects. We offer robust capital financing planning models that enable scenario-based analysis, allowing you to quickly adjust funding options, easily vary cash and debt funding levels, and then see their impact on revenue requirements.

Understanding and Predicting Customer Behavior

Hundreds of water agencies across the country are facing water supply shortfalls and must consider rate structures that promote conservation with clear price signals. These challenges require agencies to really understand their customers and their current behaviors, as well as how to anticipate their future behavior. Our team of strategic communication and engagement experts offer decades of experience and specialized skills to help you design and execute a communications and outreach program that complements conservation-based rate structures to help you get the behavioral results you need.

Tools for Planning and Communicating

A successful financial plan is one that is clear, actionable, and shared beyond the chief financial officer to internal and external stakeholders. We develop custom financial planning models that are built around your organization’s specific needs and use defensible and proven methods with the latest technology and graphic visualizations.

Defensible Prioritization

Making choices about which capital investments to make and when to make them is difficult and often politically charged. Every organization needs a defensible system to share with stakeholders that clearly explains capital prioritization methods. Using stakeholder-supported and easy-to-understand rationale, we work with local governments and utilities to implement a system that stakeholders understand and embrace.

An Implementation Focus

Even the best capital planning techniques are useless if they are not effectively implemented. We link the technical elements of capital planning with organizational changes and an engagement strategy to help you implement your capital plan. Using a defensible prioritization processes, new technologies, and asset management concepts like reliability-centered maintenance, we will help you implement streamlined practices that maximize your limited resources.

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