Graphic design and marketing materials

Effective design and creative services are more than just a pretty picture. Strategic and well-thought-out design can help to visually communicate a message in an interesting and understandable way. By focusing on the end user, our designers work with you to develop products and materials to help tell your story.

In the age of endless distractions and information overload, people want information in a visual format that is quickly and easily understood. While lengthy reports may provide great detail on a topic, this is typically not the most effective way to communicate with your stakeholders. Raftelis’ team of graphic designers and communications experts utilize the art of design and visualization to develop concise, visually pleasing, and easily digestible materials and content to effectively communicate your message.

Our designers provide start-to-finish support including concept development, copywriting, graphics, and production. We help design an innovative, consistent look and feel for communications and campaign materials tailored to specific audiences. Our designers have experience developing infographics, fact sheets, flyers, websites, marketing materials, e-newsletter templates, technical articles, maps, and other design products.

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