Risk and crisis communication

Crises come in many forms, such as a service disruption, water contamination, or when a sensational news story affects your city’s reputation. Knowing what to do, what to say, and how to say it can be the difference between a quick recovery or a long calamity. Our team has been in your shoes, has extensive experience with crises, and can guide you successfully through the worst of scenarios.

When done effectively, risk communication puts risk in context without trivializing it. Risk communication comes into play during situations where there is a real or perceived risk to public health, economic well-being, property values, or the environment. Our team can bring their direct experience as media spokespersons and crisis managers to you, and we can help prepare you as well. Although no crisis can be anticipated, having a well-developed and well-practiced crisis communication plan can help give your staff a leg-up when the inevitable happens. We can help you develop a crisis communication plan and design and run exercises with your team to practice how to respond to a crisis.

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