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Virtually all of your stakeholders are using at least one social media platform and rest assured they are talking about the issues that matter to your organization. There are more benefits to using social media to engage with them than there are risks. The key is having the right strategy and content. Our team can help you build the most compelling content strategy that doesn’t just increase likes but builds relationships.

Audiences seeking out information about your organization will immediately go to an external digital presence. Local governments and utilities cannot afford to neglect digital and social communications in their outreach efforts. Alignment of messaging and communication efforts are highly evident on social media platforms and positive interaction via social media channels is not only possible, but also inclusive and engaging. Encompassing several sub-disciplines, our team works with you to develop online content strategies that connect with target audiences, create platform strategies to maximize reach of that content, and activate communities of interest around shared ideas, interests and needs.

Content development is key, not only to provide a robust online presence but to also feed social media platforms. We can promote that content with both paid and organic tools to build relationships and engage with online social influencers. Developing digital measurement programs is also essential to evaluating and optimizing performance.

Raftelis work with local governments and utilities to review the various available social media channels and, as appropriate, enhance and support your social media strategy to effectively distribute and promote your communications products to relevant audiences.

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