Strategic communication planning

There’s communicating and then there’s strategic communication. The difference is whether you are proactive or reactive. Whether you’re “shooting from the hip” or speaking based on research and experience. It’s whether you’re communicating through channels that are convenient to you, or through channels that actually reach your audiences on the other side. Successful communication efforts don’t just reach stakeholders, they inspire them to think and act differently. Our strategic approach is fueled by research to ensure your efforts aren’t merely output oriented, but outcome oriented to help you achieve whatever outcome you seek, whether to increase community acceptance, enhance your credibility, or build awareness and support for your investments.

In collaboration with our local government and utility partners, Raftelis develops strategic communication plans that will build public trust and confidence in your organization or your project. Consistent communication is crucial when working with potentially contentious and misunderstood issues. We develop a strategic approach that integrates with your current communication program and identifies new opportunities and channels for messaging to ensure proactive engagement of all stakeholders.

Having a strategic communication plan provides a common understanding and roadmap to craft messaging and identify communication channels that will effectively and persuasively communicate information in a manner designed to build public understanding.

Raftelis’ approach to developing a strategic communication plan includes the following components.

Communication Capabilities
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