Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments

Washington D.C., United States

More than 15 different water and wastewater agencies serve the residents and businesses of the metropolitan Washington, DC region. With constant movement of customers across jurisdictional boundaries for work and play, it’s hard for any single utility to reach them well; having a shared media market doesn’t always help. Raftelis has been working with the group to elevate their communications coordination efforts to ensure these agencies coordinate their messaging to consumers and are as consistent as possible, focusing on the topics of greatest need and least public awareness.

For this project, Raftelis oversaw deployment of the first regional digital survey on water and wastewater awareness and behaviors, as well as a series of in-depth interviews with utility leaders. Using this data, we developed a strategic communications plan, coordinated messaging on key focus areas, and a seasonal content calendar to ensure consistency among—and credibility for –the region’s water and wastewater sector. Raftelis’ work with COG continues, as we are counseling the Anacostia Watershed Messaging Partnership with a comprehensive 3-year strategic outreach and messaging plan in support of raising awareness of and changing behaviors to protect the Anacostia River and its watershed.