Public meeting facilitation

Our approach to facilitation is rooted in the knowledge that seeking out input results in better decision-making. Whether you are building your internal team capacity for success or rallying a group of residents together to solve a problem, you need a tightly facilitated and inclusive process to ensure diverse voices are heard, issues are given the right amount of attention, and consensus is reached. Our team offers experience and methods to facilitate whatever gathering of stakeholders you need to find a shared solution.

We are often called upon to facilitate public meetings, board workshops, or advisory groups. We’ve found that these interactive, facilitated processes can help an organization manage single-issue viewpoints, cultivate relationships, and increase the value of the decision-making process. These groups can serve as an early warning system for issues, options, or opportunities that can be addressed thoughtfully and proactively.

Using a facilitator to help conduct business can be particularly important when:

Raftelis’ facilitators set the agenda with the group’s consensus, establish clear context for all deliberations, create an environment where all parties are comfortable, listen actively, evoke the creativity of the group, ask appropriate questions, and assess progress. Above all the facilitator’s role is to ensure decisions are made when necessary to keep the workgroup moving forward and ensure meeting process and outcomes.

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