Public involvement and community outreach

Inviting the community to help you understand their needs and concerns is an integral component of building awareness and support for any project. Providing an effective and efficient public event or outreach process lends credibility and transparency to any communications effort. Raftelis is experienced in planning and implementing creative public involvement efforts that engage the public and encourage meaningful information exchange.

When engaging the public on complex initiatives it’s challenging to help stakeholders understand the issues let alone motivate them to participate. We design tools that create space for information sharing to increase understanding and engage participants in a way that provides thoughtful and actionable feedback. Building on your existing outreach efforts we look to expand and ensure that the public participation and outreach developed for your projects aligns with past approaches and preferences.

Raftelis has designed public participation and outreach programs that include both traditional methods, open houses, advisory groups, and customer surveys as well as non-traditional tools like tour programs or “pop-up” events at brew pubs, recreation centers, festivals, or other places people gather to attract a more diverse representation of participants. Our goal with any public participation and outreach process is to recruit people as they go about their daily lives and by meeting them in places where they are. People support what they help build, so when your project needs the support of your people, we develop a program that brings them into the process.

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