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Local governments and utilities have so much information to share and are fortunate to have experts on a wide variety of topics. Sometimes when those experts communicate information to stakeholders, residents, or customers there is a void that occurs—the message gets sent, but it does not get received. There is an art to presenting facts and information in an easily understood manner that resonates with the reader. Our team of writers offers decades of experience explaining complex technologies and issues using language and imagery the average person can understand.

We are extremely knowledgeable about a broad range of local government and utility issues, projects, and programs. In addition to fact sheets, brochures, newsletter articles, web copy and video scripts, we are adept at developing messaging, talking points, and briefing materials that can be used to support regulatory and policymaker efforts. We regularly develop technical materials suitable for trade journals, white papers, and training manuals, as well as presentation materials for conferences, seminars, workshops, and special events.

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