Daphne Utilities

Daphne, Alabama, United States

Daphne Utilities hired Raftelis to provide reputation and issues management, strategic communications services, crisis communications, and media training to help them build capacity for enhanced communication and community engagement long term. The initial focus of our work with Daphne Utilities was to help them manage through a communications crisis created by a consent decree, issued because of a sewage spill in Mobile Bay.

After helping them to successfully turn their reputation back around, they hired Raftelis to help them build a long-term strategic communications plan and program that shapes their brand more generally within the city as a caring community partner and positions them well to withstand any future issues with their reputation intact. For this project, we conducted primary research with interviews with key internal and external stakeholders and a comprehensive annual digital survey to gauge customer awareness of and satisfaction with Daphne’s services.

The strategic communications plan guides their solo communications staff member with a comprehensive approach that applies a mix of strategies for using paid, earned, social, and owned media. It provides outcome-based success measures as well as a comprehensive message platform for communicating and engaging customers in a meaningful way. In addition, we provided crisis communication training and a customized plan to help prepare them for any future potential crisis they may encounter, as well as media training, with cameras and lights, to help simulate the stress of an on-camera interview and ensure the senior staff has the skills and practice to conduct these with confidence in the future. Today Daphne Utilities has the trust of their customers to service them well today and in the future, and, they have a clear roadmap and customized implementation plan for continuing their success.