Strategic technology planning services

Utilities and local governments need to align their technology and business strategies to ensure that their desired goals and priorities move along smoothly and on time. We help define your technology vision, business drivers, IT governance program, short- and long-term projects, and optimize individual solutions. We can help you create an attainable IT roadmap containing your technology vision, innovative improvement strategies, and a prioritized list of quick wins and practical improvement projects that can be implemented to help your organization thrive.

Plan For The Future 

Our custom roadmaps empower clients to achieve their desired IT goals. We combine in-depth knowledge of your industry and business needs with proven IT planning methods to deliver a tailored roadmap that aligns with your operational, technical, and resource constraints. Each roadmap provides a clear vision with actionable strategies to successfully guide your future technology investments.

Process Mapping 

A great deal of value can be uncovered by mapping current business processes as they exist within your organization and comparing these processes to industry best practices. Process maps can uncover minor disconnects in communication or understanding that may result in lost time or revenue. We have worked closely with local government and utility staff at all levels to understand how jobs are performed on a daily and annual basis. By interviewing staff and understanding their needs and challenges, we can suggest holistic modifications to processes to improve individual and organizational effectiveness.

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