Data Management, Analytics, & Visualization

You already collect a vast array of information about your customers and finances, but how do you put that data to work? Our team can help you ask and answer critical operational questions using the data that you already have on hand.

Leverage your data

Using data to make informed plans and decisions

Understanding Through Data

We understand how to translate plain English questions into analytics that can be gathered and put to use in planning where your business is headed. Our team speaks the language of dozens of customer and financial systems and can assist with making key quantitative business metrics available to your decision making. Access the data that you already have and combine it with other available data sources to learn the most about where you stand.

Data Visualization

To create an even more compelling message, utility and municipal data can be presented visually in a way that can be understood by audiences ranging from executives, to customers, to technical staff. Utility and municipal data can be combined with geographic data to create maps to highlight parts of the service area that show high or low water consumption, could benefit from increased outreach on affordability, or have long-standing work order requests that are interrupting billing. Beyond mapping, Raftelis staff have provided visualizations of customer and financial data time series to show trends over time that could assist with future projections or forecasting. Visualizations help utilities reach a broader audience and can facilitate the communication of complex information in a concise medium.