Performance measurement

Local governments and utilities used to be the silent servants, providing effective and vital services while keeping a low profile. Today, things are different. Stakeholders want to hear what you’re doing and how effective you are at doing it. They want to see they’re getting good value for their money and that you’re providing the services that they want. Raftelis can help provide the tools to showcase your organization’s accomplishments and highlight opportunities to achieve even greater success.

Metrics and Beyond

Raftelis works with hundreds of local governments and utilities throughout North America and helps write the professional guidance on performance management for use by benchmarking organizations. In addition to our local government work, we conduct and develop leading surveys that provide key benchmarking data for utilities across the country, like the American Water Works Association (AWWA)/Raftelis Water and Wastewater Rate Survey and the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies’ (AMWA) Insight utility financial information database.

We can show you how your practices and metrics compare to both neighboring organizations and national benchmarks. The information can provide helpful context as we work with you to develop metrics that are both meaningful and relevant to your specific organizational needs. As a result of this collaborative process, your organization will understand its strengths and where its greatest opportunities to enhance performance lie, as well as the practices that others employ to succeed.

Metrics only go so far, though. We can then help you develop enhanced practices and set appropriate goals and metrics, based on your organization’s unique context. You will know where you are now, where you want to be, and the practices that will move you in the right direction.

We Have the Right Tools

We were involved in drafting much of the leading guidance on management and financial topics for local governments and utilities, and our solutions incorporate the latest information available. We combine the best elements of frameworks such as the American Public Works Association’s (APWA) Self-Assessment and Effective Utility Management (EUM) with recognized approaches from the business world, like  Lean Six Sigma and those of the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Raftelis develops applications to help you measure and compare your performance. These tools provide a way to track progress toward meeting performance goals and to ensure you stay on track.

Performance on Display

Why hide the good things that you’re doing for the people you serve? Show your progress to gain the trust and support needed to tackle your toughest challenges. Raftelis can help you communicate effectively with residents, governing bodies, customers, and other stakeholders through a variety of engagement strategies and tools.

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