Celebrating a birthday in a post-Covid world

Author: Melissa Elliott, Vice President of Communications and Marketing (Email)

Raftelis turned 28 this year in the midst of our transition to working in a post-Covid world. Like many of our clients, we’re finding that work is evolving. In some ways, we’ve leapt forward years beyond where we’d be without a disruptive pandemic, but some things have definitely remained the same.

Most of our offices across the country are fully open again, and while travel to clients never really stopped, we are seeing more and more of our clients inviting us back to their offices and facilities. We’ve missed these in-person meetings as much as our clients have so we’re excited to again be back in our automobiles and on planes. The vast majority of our more than 150 employees are now fully vaccinated and that makes interactions a lot more normal these days.

There is no doubt that video conference calls are the norm now. Prior to March 2020 the idea of using a camera to communicate was rare, and many of our clients were not equipped with this technology. Teams, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and every other video conferencing platform means we know video conferences are here to stay. We’ve also become highly adept at getting a lot more out of these meetings than we used to.

Raftelis helps local governments and utilities thrive, and we’re thriving along with them. We’ve helped transform more than 600 local governments and utilities in the last year alone through our work in all areas of management consulting including financial, organizational, data and technology, and communications. Since 2020 we’ve grown the number of employees by 25%, by expanding our services significantly to local governments, added a booming executive search practice, and bringing more valuation and economic analysis to what we offer to clients. Although we’ve long worked on projects outside of the U.S., we’ve been growing our international work as well.

We know our success is rooted within the success of our clients. Local governments and utilities proved that they are resilient and strategic over the last year as they navigated the pandemic while creating the change they wanted to see. We’re proud of what our clients accomplished and look forward to more success to come.

We’re thrilled to see our clients coming to in-person conferences again. Thierry Boveri manned our booth at a recent Florida City and County Management Association conference.