Delaney Ridgley

Delaney Ridgley


Master of Water Resource Management – Fresno State University (candidate); Master of Public Affairs – Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs; Bachelor of Science – Ohio University College of Arts and Science


Certified Nonprofit Professional – Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, 2016


About Delaney

Delaney joined Raftelis in 2016 after obtaining her master’s degree in Economic Development and Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management. Prior to joining Raftelis, Delaney has worked with several local and state government entities in the Midwest, in additional to several non-profit entities of varying sizes. Since joining Raftelis, Delaney has developed numerous financial and rate models and conducted a variety of studies, including utility rate studies, system development fee studies, economic feasibility studies, and miscellaneous fee studies. Delaney is pursuing her second master’s degree in Water Resource Management. Her diverse educational background and experience in both the public and private sectors brings a unique perspective to every project and an understanding of both the big and small picture relating to water resource management.