Raftelis actively involved at UMC 2016

February 12, 2016

Raftelis is looking forward to playing a major role at this year’s Utility Management Conference (UMC). The conference will be held in San Diego, CA on February 24-27. A number of Raftelis personnel will be attending, and several of our staff members will be giving presentations or moderating sessions at the conference. These presentations are listed below, and we hope that you will be able to attend if you are at the conference.

Thursday, February 25

How Small Data Can Inform Big Decisions (3:30 pm)
Presented by:
Henrietta Locklear – Raftelis
Jennifer Fitts – Raftelis
Keith Readling – Raftelis
Chris McPhee – Raftelis

A New Water Rate Structure to Address The New Normal In Washington, D.C. (1:30 pm)
Presented by:
Jon Davis – Raftelis
Mark Kim – DC Water

Friday, February 26

Financing the Future by Trending in the Past: 10 Years of Industry Trends from the Water and Wastewater Rate Survey (9:30 am)
Presented by:
Rocky Craley – Raftelis
Ken Mercer – American Water Works Association

Long-Term Water Demand Forecasting for Sustainable Supply Planning (4:00 pm)
Presented by:
Chris McPhee – Raftelis
Bill Zimmerman – Tacoma Water